We are your independent business aviation consulting solution worldwide.

(Part 135 Air Chartre)

BZA Group provides access to a significant customer base around the world.


​​​​BZA has assembled the most experienced aviation team in South America and Europe regions to provide you a wide range of services for both fixed-wing and rotary-wing, General Aviation and Commercial Aircrafts.

BZA Group headquarters is located in New York, with offices throughout USA.

We are based on the State of Delaware with operations in New York, Florida, Texas and California.

BZA Group

We are in the process of aquiring the commercial license to operate Travel Charter and Commercial Airplanes. (Part 135 Air Charter)

BZA Group provides its clients with the following aviation consulting services:

  • Aircraft Sales

  • Completion Management

  • Operation Oversight

  • Luxury Charter

  • Special Projects

  • Transitional Advisory

Who we are